When you were being born something amazing was happening. You were being given a specific set of qualities and a mission. Your Soul Purpose. 

Once you realize you are a unique expression of Divinity it becomes clear that your purpose in life is to allow your true nature to unfold, to live fully as YOU.

Finding your true self using Yantra and Ayurvedic Astrology is one path to clarity. 

What if you knew exactly what your life purpose was?
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Individualized assesment of birthchart.

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Personal mantra

and Yantra

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 One hour 

online private 


3 Easy and Powerful  Steps to Discover Your True Self

If you're here I'm willing to bet you'd love to find out whats the true purpose of your life but...

  • You sometimes doubt that there even is such a thing.

  • You've settled for just being content, it's enough.

  • Your inner skeptic tells you to "grow up".

  • Have grown tired of searching and have almost given up hope.

Deep down you know there is something you are destined to do. Some unique thing that only you can bring and you wonder...could THIS YEAR be the time that I finally get it? Why not?
Imagine feeling...
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       Crystal clear about what your path is

       Confident that you know what to do

       in order to stay focused

       Excited about what your true nature          is

       Free to finally focus on what lights             you up


Hi, I'm Kate Bendall

I have used Yoga and Yantra to transform my life and my life's work is to assist others to find their own path with the ancient power of Yoga and Ayurvedic Astrology

                        wise              effective               profound               insightful 

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The Path of Tantra



The Path of Bhakti Yoga



The path of Hatha Yoga



The path of Kundalini Yoga



The path of Karma Yoga

The Yantra are sacred geometry from the Yoga tradition. Each one contains the energy and characteristics of a planet. Your reading identifies which planets is your primary planet, your spiritual planet, along with what other planets are influencing your health, career, relationships, creativity,  and your desires. 


 A four-part Process to  guide you on a journey to your Soul Purpose


From your birth information, you receive an accurate personalized Ayurvedic Palnaetary chart.

It will indicate where your natural tendencies lie and show what major energies are influencing the main areas of your life


Through the consultation, you will learn what it means to have a particular planet ina specific area. 

You will be able to ask questions and work through life patterns and issues.

You will see how to make changes to allow what is in your chart to show up more easily in your life.


You will be introduced to your primary planet. This is the essence of you and flavors your whole life.

You will learn the mantra which goes with your Planetry Yantra.

Combined this is a powerful duo which can bring real benefits to you living your life purpose and staying centred there.


You will be introduced to the many ways of using your Yantra yo enhance your life.

We will discuss formal and informal practices.

You will receive supporting guides and videos on how to keep up your home practice.

We will discuss your personal needs regarding the best ways to practice.

"Kate's Yantra reading was a mind-opening experience.

The reading reflected back with greater clarity than I had seen before, many aspects of myself, and what works and does not work for me.

There were some surprises in there and also some areas that reconfirmed what I know. Kate was clear-sighted in her response and it was a great experience. It will help me to be more of who I  really am. I  recommend this!"                                                                                                                                        Clare  Rideout                                     

Get the reading that has connected people with their deepest self.

$197 NZD

The reading from Kate was spot on, much more precise and relatable than the western astrology charts I have had done in the past.  I particularly enjoyed the focus being on my vital energy, my essence, a soulful representation rather than the personality.  Kate has a gift for sharing this information in an empowering and healing way.

Kimberly Marsh

It was insightful and relevant to my day to day life as well as the questions I had about my future. I will use the yantra and knowledge I received as part of my practice and my continued learning and growth as a person. Thank you, Kate, for a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend a yantra reading to others."                                                                              Mariana Collette

In the past, I have done 2 western horoscopes, but I have never felt so "hitting" like this. There are some areas that I am not up to the horoscope yet, but it is good to know the "gap" between me and the potential.

Kate will also give you your "special" geometric pattern which will enforce your life, and a mantra too.

The other thing I felt was that after the reading session, I felt all my chakra energies are aligned beautifully. That was really cool.

So, I highly recommend it, it was fun. Thank you so much, Kate! "                                       Izumi Uchida

"  I was quick to ask her to also interpret my partner's chart, it was just as accurate and illuminating.  I have had my Yantras printed, laminated, and hung on my wall in my bedroom and also a set for my clinic.  I am surprised at the joy and lightness I feel each and every time I lay my eyes on them, powerful but gentle in their action.  Many thanks to you Kate. "     Kimberly Marsh

What you get with Your Yantra Reading


Private Call

One and half hour call devoted to exploring the meaning of your chart. You will discuss what is going well in your life and explore what is holding you back. Kate will help you to reflect on your life to date to see where you are alinged or not with your chart.

Self Care Practices


You will learn what are the specific ways to stay in good health depending on your primary planet. You will discover what practices will harmonise your energy body and how to remain emotionally bouyant.



Keep a recording of your consultation. You will cover a lot of ground in 1.5 hrs so it's good to go back later. 

Make an annual New Year ritual of listening to keep you inspired and on track.

Your Yantra


You will be sent 2 images of your personal Yantra. One in full colour which you may use immediately and the other in outline form so you can begin the practice of coloring your Yantra


Summary Report

Kate will send you a summarised report of your consultation for easy reference. The ( planets will be listed with the corresponding life area. She will highlight any main points that arose during the session.




You will receive the specific mantra of your primary Spiritual Planet. Each of us has our own vibration, help tune into yours with the mantra.

  • as a stand-alone practice

  • in addition to your current practice


Jai Ma

Seek and You shall Find...

The world of mystery and symbolism, of sacred geometry and ancient practices, has been my life's work.

I have helped hundreds of people step into their authentic lives with ease and confidence.

My greatest pleasure is to work with people who are ready and willing to deepen their search for truth and freedom.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know my birth details?

Yes. I need to know the time, place, and date of your birth. Your chart will only be accurate with these three things. I cant do a chart without them.

Do I need to be a Yoga student to use Yantra?

No. Although Yantra and Ayurveda are branches of Yoga they can be used as stand-alone practices and tools. If you are a Yogi already a Yantra reading will deepen your practice.

Do you need the exact time of birth?

It is enough to know your birth time within four hours. So say between 12.00 am and $.00am will be enough to get an accurate chart done.

Is this Jyotish?

No. It is a simplified version of Ayurvedic Astrology based on archetypes.

Will the reading predict my future?

No. It will illuminate your natural abilities and tendencies. It will give you a lens look at your past and future in terms of understanding your patterns and you potentials.

Your Yantra Reading, Discover Your True self

4 Fun and Powerful  steps



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