No more Netflix, for now.

Do you ever feel stuck? Trapped by the very habits you created?

Recently I have had that feeling. Of being bogged down, kind of stuck in something heavy. Like claggy mud on my boots. It’s not a great feeling.

There is only so much of a negative thing I can tolerate, before the call to action strikes. So the question became, firstly, what is this? And secondly, how can I move towards a better experience?

Well, Yoga would call this being in a tamasic state. tamas is heavy, inert, dark.

There are foods and activities which are tamasic. Some of these are; meat and fish, white flour, white sugar, food with preservatives, food kept overnight, alcohol, canned and preserved foods like jams, and fried foods. The result of eating these, especially too much of these, is feeling heavy and dull.

The antidote to that is pretty straightforward. Just reduce the tamasic food and increase fruit and veggies. That is an easy and do-able solution.

There are also activities that are considered Tamasic. Sitting about too long is one. So is watching t.v ( or Netflix !). Overconsumption of anything in fact. A dull mind is created by too many tamasic activities.

Again, the solution is obvious. Cut back on watching screens, less numbing out with Netflix. And don't sit in front of the computer without moving. That’s an easy one. I will revisit an old habit that fell away. Using Tomato timer is such a great tool. Every 25 mins there is a reminder to get up and move. It’s such a simple way to add a short burst of exercise into the day.

Removing evening Netflix binges takes a little more effort, but again is achievable. I just need to replace like with like. What does that mean?

It is about taking a non-judgmental look at that habit and replacing it with one that will meet some of the same needs, but with fewer negative side effects. It also has the same energy requirements. Just because I am giving up Netflix doesn't mean it is realistic for me to think I'll take up jogging instead. That’s just not going to happen.

In this case, I am looking for something that is easy, feels like a reward, is relaxing, and requires very little energy. I can think of a few things that will fit the bill.

Reading, journaling, chanting, Yantra drawing, a long bath, or even an early night. All of those things will leave me feeling good. The key is getting to them before I get too tired and just want to collapse in front of the screen. If I get to that stage It is actually time to GO TO BED.

I am confident that just these two tweaks will be enough to move the needle. To move me away from feeling dull/heavy to feeling light and bright again.

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