Leaps and Bounds

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

What I have lost in “leap ability” I have gained in trust. Most of the fear which has kept me bound seems to have washed away, leaving the steady beat of faith in its place.

What a relief to perceive where the natural flow of life wants to take me these days. Now I am able to recognize the signs when I am struggling or fighting too hard to make things “happen”.

Surrender filled me with resistance in my younger days. Now I turn there again and again for insight and clarity.

So I am finally ready to leave the security of a regular job and leap/fall/fly into my life’s- work. There are many sensible reasons why I would not do this but the compelling “knowing “ that arose during lockdown has made this change seem inevitable.

Moving forward I have consciously told fear her number is up and have piled all my eggs into the basket of faith.

Let's see where this journey goes from here.

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