Addiction or Initiation ?

There are many points of difference in the arena of addiction. There is a multitude of substances we can get addicted to, ranging from sugar right through to some hefty pharmaceuticals. There are behaviors too, again, a wide-ranging selection. The severity, the stage, the frequency of the addiction are again, different from one person to the next.

There is, however, one commonality.

There is one truth that binds us. The simple fact that we didn't choose to become addicted.

Yet it happened.

This is a confronting and difficult reality, which initially seems to be a really crappy situation.

That truth is a tragedy for any addict. We do it because we love it. It makes us feel good, well at some point it did.

It seems so unfair, to discover that the one thing we love the most is the very thing we have to let go of. Other people, those who can use it " normally" get to carry on.

It can be very confusing.

What’s going on? Are we being punished? Are we just stupid? Weak?

Why are we facing this horrendous situation?

I can see that is because we are lucky, I really mean that.

When our addiction is so damaging that we are forced to face it, we jump to the front of the queue.

We have been hauled by our bootstraps to start the inner work of self-transformation.

We don't get the next 10 or 20 years to keep living life unconsciously. It’s wake-up time.

And then begins the best part of life, the journey of awakening, to our true self, to the true and deeper meaning of life.

The spiritual journey, the seeking begins when the pain gets enough for us to start looking in earnest.

So what might initially look like a raw deal is in fact a huge stroke of luck, we have been initiated into the world within.

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