If you are unhappy about the role alcohol plays in your life and ready to do something about it, this course is designed for you. You will learn how yoga provides a unique perspective on addiction. You are not broken. Yoga has so many tools and techniques to help you get your freedom back.

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Yoga helped me overcome a major addiction to alcohol, and I am not special. It can help you too.

It was the piece of the puzzle that had been missing for me. Despite AA, residential rehab, and endless counseling I could just not stay sober, and when I did, I was very unhappy. Yoga changed all that. This group is to offer support, tools, education, and freedom. Freedom to make your own choices, to explore, to experiment. I am not offering a "path" or prescribed way.

It doesn't matter what you drink, how often you drink, when your last drink was, what your view on religion is, what your job or IQ is, how old, or rich or poor you are

If you want to take back the power of choice over drinking this is for you.

Yoga teaches us to turn inward and begin to understand; ourselves; our patterns; our suffering so we can eventually make choices that don't create more suffering.

Wednesdays 7-8.30pm

Starts Nove 3rd

6 weeks



Overcoming the fear, shame, and loneliness of having alcohol issues is a major hurdle to receiving help. I encourage you to do it. Just begin.

If you have had enough of the way you drink this group will help you shift your relationship with alcohol.

Changing a habit, whether it's a major addiction or just the start of a negative habit is something Yoga is particularly good at.

The habit lives in your mind, your body, your emotions, and your lifestyle choices. Yoga works on all these levels.


You won't be preached at, or judged, or made to fit into a box.

You will be treated with understanding and compassion borne of shared experience.

My story is not your story. My solution is not your solution. However, we have similarities.

We can help each other because with acceptance comes the potential for change. For transformation.

The group is based on the premise that everyone is doing the very best they can right now, with their current tools and awareness.

New tools, new support, and a change in awareness can be enough to shift a pattern/habit/ addiction.

  6-week course Starts Nov 3rd

Wednesday evenings.

 7 - 8.30 pm


This is not Yoga for bendy people in gym gear. It is for ordinary people looking for a solution to a problem.

If you have any questions or just want to chat before deciding to enrol use the booking link below to book a 10 min chat with me.

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Online Help

If groups aren't your thing

Private, personalised help.

Do you want to get out of the alcohol trap? The best way to find freedom is to approach this challenge from a holistic angle. 

I offer online coaching and support.

This means either joining a standard 30, 60, or 90-day coaching program or creating something especially for you.

All the details are over at  KATE. BENDALL


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