UndUUUnderstanding Your Yantraers

yantra 7.png

The Mercury Yantra is primarily about the intellect. It's about the quality of discernment and the ability to use the mind to ponder the depths of reality. It also relates to communication and the ability to share ideas. There is also the energy of youthfulness and fun in this Yantra. Being playful and curious comes easily with someone who has Mercury as their primary Yantra.

Being flexible and responding with spontaneity is part of this Yantra. Mercury is connected to nature and the nervous system. Chilling out in nature is a good plan for a Mercury being.

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The Sun Yantra is all about radiance, warmth, and light. A person with this as their primary planet may find leadership easy, will likely enjoy being in the spotlight. There is a powerhouse of creativity here. There is a sense of Royalty and grandness with the Sun, perhaps material wealth but not necessarily. Eclectic, adventurous, courageous, and free all describe the type of person with the Sun as their centre.


The Mars Yantra is the path of the warrior. A sense of justice and purpose comes naturally for people with this Planet. They love a challenge and can bring intensity and commitment to any project.

A Martian has an endless supply of energy and strength and other people can rely on them to have the stamina to see things through. There's a quality of brilliance and fun that goes with this energy.


The Venus Yantra is all about the senses. Venus is also the planet of love. All things bright and beautiful! Using the senses as a path of transcendence is very apt for a Venusian.

Venus is the planet of love so often there is a strong theme of looking for a soul mate or at least romance.

Beauty, nature, and the Divine Feminine are all are governed by Venus. Taste, touch, see, and hear the Divine.


The Jupiter Yantra is connected with giving, generosity, and with the community.

Doing their bit and finding fulfilment through service is a theme with Jupitarians.

They are also devoted to spiritual teachings and will thrive in a spiritual setting. The word Jupiter means "Guru" in sanskrit.

They will love having a special teacher or lineage to belong to. Jupiter is also loyal and lucky.

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The Saturn Yantra brings the qualities of silence and solitude. This is the path of the renunciate.

Saturn is also closely associated with time and order. There is a sense of discipline and simplicity.

This is the Yantra to bring calm where there is chaos.

Purification is a major theme here, with practices such as fasting and silent retreats being appropriate.

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The Moon Yantra is concerned with the heart. It is the path of devotion and surrender.

This Yantra represents the Divine Feminine, intuition, receptivity, and wisdom.

The emotions are connected to this Yantra, particularly love and spiritual yearning. Contemplation and meditation are nourishing practices associated with the moon. A calm clear mind.