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Classical Yoga is practiced for health and wellbeing as well as a spiritual path. It is the original Yoga, the roots of modern Yoga, and is firmly established in tradition. It is the deepest Yoga I know, that's why it's all I teach these days.

                            If you are looking for Yoga that can help you



Connect with your deeper self in a way that leads you towards clarity and self-awareness.

Find ways to let go of stress, noise and business so you can return home to your still center.

Master and understand your own patterns and habits so you relase unhelpful ones and move towards better health.


 Classes with me.

Group Classes

At AYU , 7 Crawford St, Dunedin

Mantra Yoga
9.30 -10.30 am Fridays

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Sober Yoga
Wednesdays 7- 8.30 pm.





Mantra Yoga Course

Oct 8th- Dec17th



Sober Yoga Course

^ weeks, from Nov 3rd.



Casual/drop in

A single class. For the first trial, visiting from out of town, bringing a friend


The use of mantra within Yoga is one of the most powerful and accessible ways to create depth and intensity to practice, without straining the body. If you are ready to experience the power of sacred sound please come and experience it for yourself.

A 6-week course with tips, tools, and techniques aimed specifically toward coping with any stage of problematic drinking. Yoga has a unique perspective on what addiction is and how to manage it. This works as a stand-alone course and is also a compliment to other recovery methods.

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