Stone Wall



Essential Principals

The whole practice.

What would it be like to learn authentic Yoga from a mature teacher?

Empowering. Informative. Safe. Fun. Supportive.


Hi, I'm Kate Bendall

I have been on the Yoga path for over 35 years, with the last 20 as a teacher as well as a student.

You will find me to be a warm and approachable teacher willing to support you as you are.


This is the studio

A beautiful oasis in the Dunedin city, above Taste Nature. 

By simply being in this serene space the nervous system relaxes. The brick walls mean it always cosy and quiet. A divine space with perfect acoustics for chanting


This is the Yoga.

A True Gem.

Viniyoga, from a traditional lineage in which all the classical tools of Yoga are used to support a person’s journey, be it for wellbeing, healing or spiritual transformation.

Getting it Right from the Start


By learning about the roots of Yoga it will help you understand the purpose of the practice and how to apply what is relevant to your own life. Much Yoga we see today has become unhinged from the tradition and is being pursued solely as exercise, losing much of the deeper meaning and benefit of Yoga.


By mastering the basic principles you will be empowered to adjust your practice as YOU need to. Life is always changing so knowing how to make intelligent adjustments to your Yoga is a major step on the way to wellbeing and personal empowerment. You will learn to adjust your Yoga from the inside out.


This traditional method uses the full range of Yoga tools: breath, movement, sound, visualization, lifestyle, and philosophical teachings, and meditation. You will experience all of them and develop an awareness of which ones support you and which ones don't.


By understanding the relationship between the breath, body, and mind you will begin to cherish and enjoy your Yoga. You will feel confident knowing you are practicing in an authentic manner and will know how to monitor yourself. It is this, more than anything which keeps people practicing. 


A four-part process of knowing how to practice Yoga wisely and well.









  • Learn about the origins of Yoga.

  • Understand the goal of Yoga

  • Learn what comes first in Yoga.

  • An introduction to the ancient  Yoga texts.

  • We will unpack big questions like:

  • Is Yoga religious?

  • Are you meant to be a vegetarian?

  • What does a full practice look like?

  • How do we practice authentically in the west?

  • The role of tradition and Lineage

  • Learn to breathe correctly.

  • Understand how the breath relates to the postures.

  • Learn how to adjust your breath 

  • Develop the ability to read your own breath.

  • Make the connection between breath and mental activity.

  • Differentiate between a stimulating and a pacifying breath.

  • Meet your own breath as your guru/guide.

  • Link your breath with your innate healing capacity.

  • Learn the basic postures.

  • Learn how to adapt so they are effective.

  • Understand the goal of the poses.

  • Learn the energetic model which they are built upon.

  • Learn to serve the breath with the movement.

  • Understand the difference between static and dynamic.

  • Learn the functions and classifications based on the spine.

  •  Introduction to Mantra

  • Learn about Vedic chanting.

  • Learn when and where to chant in a practice.

  • Placing sound in the body.

  • Meanings of some of the common sounds.

  • Om, what is it?

  • Why do we chant it?

  • Is it religious?

  • Exploring various ways of using sound.

  • Inner sound

  • Stress release through audible breathing.


One Course

Two Ways

You choose.

3 Week Course

Jan 12th - Jan 26th  Tues 7.15 -8.30 pm

Over 3 weeks we will cover all the material. The theory will be woven into actual practice so it becomes embodied wisdom. All are welcome.



1/2  Day Workshop

Saturday, Jan 23rd 1.30-5.00 pm

If you prefer to take it all in at once this workshop covers all the material, again theory and practice come together. From here you can continue confidently to join other classes.


Frequently Asked Questions

 "I have already done another type of Yoga before. Should I still do this course or just come to class instead?"

Unless you have been to a class taught in the Lineage of Krishnamarcrchyra it is unlikely you have learnt the subtle and nuanced way of traditional Yoga. I recommend you take the foundation course or at least talk to me about where any gaps might be.

"I am pretty out of shape, does that matter ?"

No, not at all. Because this Yoga focuses on form over function there are ways to adapt poses and work within your personal capacity and reap the full benefit of the practice.

"Is this like Yin Yoga?

Not really no. Although we always practice within a normal heart rate and a smooth breath there are not necessarily long holds. Sometimes this Yoga can be very invigorating, at others very relaxing. It all depends on the class.


Is it Spiritual?

Yes, however, what that looks like and feels like to you may be surprising. There are no gurus or sets of behaviors to follow yet the basis of traditional Yoga is that the journey within is what leads us to health and happiness. That is where our essence lies. How or what you make of that is up to you.