Working Privately

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If you want to get individual guidance we can do that. When we work together I can help you establish the Yoga practice that is going to be most helpful in your life right now. It may be movement, maybe meditation, chanting, mantra. We will figure that out over a consultation where we get up close and personal about what your goals and obstacles are.

There are a variety of ways we can work together, depending on what you need and your budget.

If you are new to Yoga the minimum number of sessions is three, to get you to a point of doing something useful and sustainable.

If you are a seasoned Yogi and are feeling stale or stuck in your practice it maybe we only need to do one session.

Some people prefer to have a weekly personalized class over zoom, a pretty convenient way to have your Yoga class.

The first step is to just talk, figure out if we are going to be a good match. We won't get far in creating a helpful practice if we don't get along, that's why I always have a conversation first. Like the old days. I don't want you to push a buy now button. I want to talk to you first, so we can be real about whether we are a good fit. It would be easier to have a buy now button, but let's not. Book a time to make a free call to me, and we'll talk.

Prices for Privates 

Initial consultation ( in person or zoom) ( 90-120 mins) $120-$150

Follow up $90 60 mins ( can be split into 2 sessions, zoom only )

5 classes zoom only ( 5 x 60 mins or 10 x 30 mins) $400ding Prices

Let’s Work Together

Contact me at or 0226908077